Wolf Run Watershed - Trail of Springs - Lexington, Kentucky
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Groundwater Research on springs and karst groundwater flows in West Lexington

A number of entities monitor and track springs and other groundwater resources in our area. Here are some links to some of that work:

Kentucky Geological Survey

Kentucky Division of Water
Non-Point Source Pollution Study
Rob Blair, Joe Ray, Phillip O' Dell and others have been sampling springs in the South Elkhorn Watershed. They will be releasing their findings soon in a report published through the Kentucky Division of Water.

Watershed Watch Volunteer Monitoring

Friends of Wolf Run through Kentucky River Watershed Watch regularly monitors McConnell Springs and Gardenside Springs for pathogen bacteria. (Take home lesson, don't drink the water from any of our springs without disinfection!) For data from that monitoring visit the Watershed Watch Monitoring Results Map Service, Zoom in to Fayette County.

Contact us if you have questions about technical data related to springs in the Wolf Run Watershed or would like to participate in monitoring our springs.

The Wolf Run Watershed Trail of Springs is an educational exploration of the ecology, history, water supply features
and environmental issues associated with the many springs and wet seeps we have in our watershed.

The Wolf Run Watershed Trail of Springs is similar to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail
in that there isn't a physical path that goes from one point to another,
but a series of stops along a guided exploration. 

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