Wolf Run Watershed - Trail of Springs - Lexington, Kentucky
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Featured Springs of the Wolf Run Watershed.
(Click on image for 1.2mb PDF detailed map)

Of the Wolf Run Watershed

There are over 43 springs registered in the Kentucky Geological Survey database for the Wolf Run Watershed in Western Lexington, KY.

Many of these springs are on farms and private property, but a number are in parks, greenways and visible from highway rights of way.

All have interesting stories about their history, use and environmental significance.

Please check the map linkto the right or the list below for information on our registered springs, if there is a spring you are aware of not on this list, you can have it added to the statewide registry.

If you notice, many of the springs listed are "unnamed" We would like to name the, particularly the ones that flow all year round (Perennial Springs)

If you are the property owner of one of these springs, or know of a historic name for one of the unnamed springs, please let is know.

If you have a suggestion on a good, positive, catchy name for a spring, please suggest that too. (But please avoid off-color names, like Buddies Burble or Silly Seep :-)

Contact us with your ideas!

Notes about Springs on Private Property:
A significant number of springs in our watershed are on private property. These are not open to the public, and we should respect spring owner privacy and security. Anyone wanting to visit a spring for scientific, educational or historic interest should contact the property owner in advance of a visit, and only visit if they have express permission to do so.

We hope to involve private spring owners with this project in several ways:

  • We will ask if they are willing to open up their springs to visitors for special trail tour days,
  • Spring owners will be offered technical assistance on managing their springs by our network of technical advisors.
  • They can benefit from the restoration demonstration projects in hopes that they will observe and adopt similar best management practices for their springs.


Wolf Run Trail of Springs Spring List found on our map

0 MOBERLY Sp PERENNIAL-featured 38.030193 -84.538642
11 LINDSAY Sp PERENNIAL-featured 38.077299 -84.552997
15 MCCONNELL BLUE HOLE PERENNIAL-featured 38.054244 -84.529940
74 PRESTONS Sp PERENNIAL-featured 38.057021 -84.541884
80 WILHITE JAMES Sp PERENNIAL-featured 38.038160 -84.563941
100 KAY Sp PERENNIAL-(Private) 38.023966 -84.536051
238 GARDENSIDE Sp PERENNIAL-featured 38.035355 -84.544381
79 KENTON BLUE HOLE PERENNIAL-(Private) 38.039660 -84.561052
66 Unnamed PERENNIAL 38.020910 -84.537440
75 Unnamed PERENNIAL 38.058410 -84.548552
96 Unnamed PERENNIAL 38.043133 -84.536884
136 Unnamed PERENNIAL 38.039244 -84.559941
152 Unnamed PERENNIAL 38.022578 -84.512161
153 Unnamed PERENNIAL 38.022022 -84.511328
162 Unnamed PERENNIAL 38.070355 -84.556330
247 Unnamed PERENNIAL 38.068688 -84.557719
4416 Unnamed PERENNIAL 38.068715 -84.543578
54 Unnamed SEASONAL 38.025633 -84.537718
55 Unnamed SEASONAL 38.035633 -84.526051
56 Unnamed SEASONAL 38.042577 -84.522996
68 Unnamed SEASONAL 38.017299 -84.538829
70 Unnamed SEASONAL 38.047299 -84.553830
97 Unnamed SEASONAL 38.024521 -84.551884
98 Unnamed SEASONAL 38.021466 -84.556884
121 Unnamed SEASONAL 38.034244 -84.512995
133 Unnamed SEASONAL 38.026466 -84.517717
141 Unnamed SEASONAL 38.033410 -84.554384
159 Unnamed SEASONAL 38.033410 -84.542162
187 Unnamed SEASONAL 38.011478 -84.526039
191 Unnamed SEASONAL 38.019778 -84.496638
194 Unnamed SEASONAL 38.026877 -84.556440
197 unnamed SEASONAL 38.041377 -84.524940
233 Unnamed SEASONAL 38.045355 -84.558274
395 Unnamed SEASONAL 38.039660 -84.561052
4409 Unnamed SEASONAL 38.057799 -84.542995
4410 Unnamed SEASONAL 38.058604 -84.543884
4411 Unnamed SEASONAL 38.058410 -84.544828
4412 Unnamed SEASONAL 38.059577 -84.548135
4413 Unnamed SEASONAL 38.059799 -84.548274
4414 Unnamed SEASONAL 38.059632 -84.547606
4415 Unnamed SEASONAL 38.072299 -84.548829

Data and Map information provided in part by the
University of Kentucky Kentucky Geological Survey

The Wolf Run Watershed Trail of Springs is an educational exploration of the ecology, history, water supply features
and environmental issues associated with the many springs and wet seeps we have in our watershed.

The Wolf Run Watershed Trail of Springs is similar to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail
in that there isn't a physical path that goes from one point to another,
but a series of stops along a guided exploration. 

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