Wolf Run Watershed - Trail of Springs - Lexington, Kentucky
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Seeking all springs and seeps!

A spring is any location or hydrologic feature where groundwater discharges from conduits, rock cavities, or gravel beds into a surface channel or body of water. Information about springs reported can be incorporated in the groundwater data base maintained by the Division of Water and Kentucky Geological Survey.

If you are aware of a spring on your property or elsewhere, we would like to know about it.

If your spring is not on the list, we would like to put it there! Registering a spring helps identify critical groundwater resources, adds to our scientific knowledge of where our groundwater goes, and can afford protections for your spring should the water quality or hydrologic condition be jeopardized.

We can help you:

  1. complete the forms (or will do it for you)
  2. Collect the needed technical data and
  3. submit the data to the appropriate resource management agencies (Kentucky Division of Water)

Here are the forms and instructions:

If your spring IS on the list, but it does not have a name, we need your help in naming it. Contact us with the location of your spring and we can help you submit a qualified name for your spring. By naming a spring it gives it higher status in the minds of those that use it and those in the community interested in it.

The Wolf Run Watershed Trail of Springs is an educational exploration of the ecology, history, water supply features
and environmental issues associated with the many springs and wet seeps we have in our watershed.

The Wolf Run Watershed Trail of Springs is similar to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail
in that there isn't a physical path that goes from one point to another,
but a series of stops along a guided exploration. 

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